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Archive for March, 2012

Amazing Grace!

• March 27, 2012

She can see! We arent sure if it’s 100% but she can follow our fingers and chase the dogs!

A return camper

• March 25, 2012

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!Piglet stayed a night at my house and when the humane society called,we took her to see the vet(which happened to be Jo and Ella’s vet!) She ran some tests and said that her sight will (probably) come back! And the head vet tech with the […]

Pray for Piglet!

• March 24, 2012

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!Yesterday night, piglet had a possible reaction to a medication the humane society gives. She is blind now. We have brought her home for the weekend to give her some comfort, but we don’t know exactly how to help her. She plays with the dogs,but right […]

Byebye babies!

• March 22, 2012

The puppies are back at the Humane Society. I miss them! Ella won’t play with me like the puppies did!


• March 21, 2012

And she brought me a present! She said that it wasn’t a really fun trip but that she was really happy to see me! I’m glad she’s home. It’s the longest we’ve been apart..after a couple of day I thought shed never come back!! I quit eating and grandma had make me people food do […]

Last night with mama until next Tuesday!!!

• March 14, 2012

I miss her already!!

Hooray for Emerson!!!

• March 14, 2012

Emerson has been adopted by a wonderful family mama met with the other day. He will be going to their house after he gets fixed on the 18th! I’m happy for him!!

I’m going to kick New Yorks butt!!

• March 13, 2012

So I don’t know who this “new York” person is but mama is going to see her this thursday and won’t be back until Tuesday! She says she’s going to sing there with her school. It’s making me sad and angry..why does new York have that I dont??

Oh look! A vicious pit!!!

• March 11, 2012

Mama and grandma took the puppies to the southern women’s show yesterday. Lots of people liked them but lots of other people said that they were bad dogs. Mama said people think pit bills are bad dogs because some people made a couple of dogs bad. But mama kept trying to tell them that they […]

Why do they sleep so much!!!

• March 8, 2012

I like my sleep..but these puppies sleep SOO MUCH! I wanna play but all they do is sleep! Mama says that they can’t play as much as I can but I think theyre just faking… Also..why do they sleep ontop of eachother?? Mama doesn’t like when I climb ontop her when we are sleeping…